Our Difference

What is the CARCOLORS difference?


CARCOLORS has specialised knowledge, skills and experience in all facets of the coatings industry. At a minimum all of the CARCOLORS staff are trade qualified as well as having additional education, training and many years of practical experience. This allows the staff at CARCOLORS to pass on this expertise and work with our customers to achieve the best result for them in all applications. 


At CARCOLORS we are not afraid of creating and implementing new ideas, products and processes that bring improvements, changes and solutions to your application. Innovation involves taking an existing concept or idea and developing it in a new and creative way to solve a problem or meet a need that you may have. We have no fear when it comes to being creative, taking a risk, or challenging the status quo to meet the needs our customers may have. 

Quality products

CARCOLORS will only supply products that are of the highest quality manufactured by reputable and recognised brands. Our experience has taught us that only the best products will satisfy the requirements of our customers and provide the best customer satisfaction. Our products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the strictest standards and specifications, they are built with the highest quality materials to ensure they meet our customers’ needs.

Customer service

CARCOLORS was built on the underlying philosophy of providing the best in customer service. The strong family values that founded CARCOLORS still exist today and guide us in everything that we do. We like to understand our customers’ needs and expectations and tailor our products and services to meet these needs. We ensure all employees have the training and knowledge of all our products and services and the skills to provide the best in customer service. Our strong family values mean we always provide a personalised service to our customers. We will get to know your name, we will offer customized solutions for you and we will make you feel part of the CARCOLORS family.


CARCOLORS not only give our customers all of the above but we also offer our customers the best price. We know the markets we supply, and we understand the products and services our competitors offer. We are consistently looking at ways we can reduce our costs and find efficiencies within CARCOLORS. We are continuously negotiating the best deals with our suppliers that we pass onto you the customer, and we work with the best value ad companies such as Capricorn Society.

What is the CARCOLORS difference?