Yes, we can put your colour in a spray can! We can match any colour and put it into an aerosol, custom colours, car colours, decorative colours, industrial colours, agricultural colours, marine colours, powder coating colours, any colour you can think of we can put it into an aerosol.

We can put 1k lacquers, enamels and direct to metals and now 2K polyurethanes into a can. We stock brands from U-POL, Colorpak, Dinitrol, CRC, PPG/White Knight, SEM, Hammerite and more.

Our support range includes, rust converters, etch primers, epoxy primers, primer surfacers, high build primers, gloss clears, wide variety of prepacked colours, adhesion promoters, high temperature coatings, zinc coatings and a range of Powdercoat and Coloursteel colours.

Anything you can think of, CARCOLORS can probably provide it in an aerosol.

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