Compounds and Polishing

CARCOLORS stock a wide range of compounds and glazes from a number of the top manufactures in the world, from the market leading 3M range to Farcela, Roar, Malco and Mothers.

The 3M Perfect-it range of compounds and glazes are designed to work on fresh and aged paints to help you achieve a perfect finish without the worry of swirl marks. It is safe and effective on a variety of fresh paint and OEM clearcoats. Part of the easy to use system, which includes colour identified pads, is engineered to deliver high quality finishes for technicians of all skill levels.

Roar advanced finishing comes to NZ produced in the UK, with the idea of being simple. A simple range of compounds and glazes made to fit all machines and use by hand, with matching pads it couldn’t be any simpler.

The Mothers Car Care products are designed to help you keep your vehicle looking its best. Each of the premium car care products in the Mothers range is specifically targeted to get superior results for its purpose with ease of use and value for money.

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Compounds and Polishing