Filler is not just standard body filler anymore, at CARCOLORS we offer a comprehensive range of fillers to satisfy the demand for quality and performance for both the body shop and home project.

We carry a wide range of brands from U-POL, 3M, Evercoat and Newtech, with sizing ranging from a 100ml to a giant 20ltr and everything in between. We have general body fillers in a range of sizes for those projects at home, lightweight fillers for deep and medium repairs. These are made using non-sag formulations for use on horizontal and vertical repairs, as well as having been made using the most advanced resins allowing for easy spreads and effortless sanding.

Our fine fillers will allow you to fill in minor imperfections, pinholes, scratches and stone chips, but dry faster and sand easier. We carry a wide range of specialty fillers for a variety of applications.

Fibre fillers for bridging holes yet are easy to shape and sand and are water resistant. Carbon fibre reinforced filler designed specifically to repair cracks, holes and scratches in SMC, fiberglass, composites and other rigid materials.

Plastic filler gives good adhesion and flexibility specifically designed for scuffs and scratches on plastic parts that require flexibility. Aluminum reinforced filler that has aluminum flakes within a polyester filler, making it ideal for alloy wheel repairs, aluminum panels or a replacement for leading.

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