Underbody protection

Protecting the underside of a vehicle is an important as any coating on the exterior. It provides corrosion prevention, impact protection and noise reduction within the cabin of the vehicle. Protecting the underside of a vehicle helps extend its lifespan, maintain its value and enhance its overall performance.

CARCOLORS stock the leading brands when it comes to protecting the underside of vehicle, underbody and anti-chip coatings from Dinitrol, U-POL, Teroson and 3M. We have sizes ranging from the handy aerosol for small repairs to 20ltr drums for protecting those big trucks.

We stock a selection of colours and finishes, as well as the market leading Raptor that can be custom tinted to any colour. Not forgetting the internals of vehicle, we stock an array of cavity wax protection products. Colours are not just limited to the traditional tan we also have black and transparent, and can applied using an aerosol or through a cavity wax gun.

A new innovation in the application of cavity wax is the 360 degree nozzle that is both available in gun application and aerosol for ensuring coverage in those hard to reach chassis rails and sills. To help dampen any external noise, vibrations and heat entering the vehicles cabin CARCOLORS stock the Dynamat range of sound deadening solutions. Dynamat’s unique vector chemistry formula offers up to 5 times more deadening than other products and can also be used in marine and home audio soundproofing and insulation.

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Underbody protection